Quantum Technologies


HMNTL is uniquely positioned in quantum efforts thanks to a unique blend of world-leading expertise in quantum and device physics, a strategic location within the Chicago Quantum Exchange, and exceptional supercomputing capabilities second to no other university in the US.

The effort in quantum technology must be interdisciplinary and requires the use of dedicated shared facilities. These inter-departmental efforts began in 2019 with the inauguration of the Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center (IQUIST), which is geared towards the exploration of fundamental physical concepts. HMNTL aims to provide a  material base for technology development and integration. A targeted upgrade of HMNTL’s growth, processing, and characterization facilities would propel UIUC into a world-leading position in quantum technology. Our legacy in integrated device technologies is critical, as quantum computers of the future will rely on intimate, heterogeneous integration of high-performance electronics and photonics. 

Unique expertise at HMNTL allows us to envision hybrid quantum technology operating across all solid-state platforms including superconducting circuits, trapped ions/atoms, photonics, and spintronics. The quantum devices and systems coming out of HMNTL will be at the forefront of the upcoming quantum revolution, delivering the power of quantum information processing to solve pressing societal and scientific problems.

Quantum technology promises disruptive computational speed, ultimate security of information and new understanding of the world.

Resident Faculty with primary interest in this area

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
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