Cleanroom Access

Listed below are the requirements for access to the HMNTL Cleanrooms.  All steps will need to be completed before access is granted. Please reach out to with any questions.

Cleanroom Access Requirements

Access Request
  • Complete the i-card Authorization form.
  • Your advisor must email with their approval.
  • Send a front and back copy of your icard. Access is granted through the numbers associated with your physical card. If you obtain a new card, it will need to be sent in to update your account before you're able to access the building again. 


Building Safety

Building safety training is necessary to be in HMNTL labs. View the linked trainings and complete the questionnaire following.


Lab Trainings and Questionnaire

DRS Online Safety Trainings



Once all trainings are submitted, you will be contacted to schedule an orientation. The orientation is in two parts:

  • Orientation and Safety - lasts approximately 1.5 hrs
  • Cleanroom walkthrough

You will schedule the walkthrough at the end of the first orientation. Once the walkthrough is complete, you will be granted access.


Keys and Tool Trainings

If physical keys are needed to labs or offices, a request form is needed. Please complete and have your advisor either sign before submission or include the key approval in the access approval email.

To become an approved user on a particular tool, a training with an engineer will need to be scheduled. This is required before using a tool by yourself. After you are a user, you will be able to reserve a tool and receive information about tool status and availability. Training is required for any use of HF or Piranha etch.