Technology Commercialization

An innovator translates knowledge and ideas into economic growth and social well-being. Through the years, HMNTL researchers have taken their knowledge and ideas and turned them into successful technology companies. HMNTL is proud to introduce our innovators.

Exalt Diagnostics logo

Exalt Diagnostics

Developing highly sensitive yet less expensive ways to detect allergies and disease

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EP Purification

Startup company harnessing ozone's purifying powers

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Eden Park Illumination

Microplasma-based lighting company has HMNTL ties


Founded by University of Illinois Alumnus Gabriel Walter and Professors Milton Feng and Nick Holonyak JR., Quantum Electro Opto Systems (QEOS) is commercializing high speed, low cost and power efficient fiber optics communication solutions based on The Tilted Charge Dynamics™ technology platform.

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Developing the next generation of infrastructure for communications, data, and the Internet Of Things (IOT) Backbone

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We help physicians prioritize patients and deliver the right therapy faster.