Faculty Research Groups

Our research groups are working in innovative fields of micro and nanotechnology. Click on a group to learn more.

  1. Bahl Research Group (Gaurav Bahl)
  2. Laboratory of Integrated Bio-Medical Nanotechnology Applications (Rashid Bashir)
  3. Innovative COmpound semiconductoR LABoratory (ICORLAB) (Can Bayram)
  4. Quantum and Nanoscale Photonics Lab (Simeon Bogdanov)
  5. Multimodality Imaging Research Lab (Yun-Sheng Chen)
  6. Photonic Device Research Group (Kent Choquette)
  7. Nano Sensors Group (Brian Cunningham)
  8. Advanced Semiconductor Device and Integration Laboratory (John Dallesasse)
  9. F.O.R.G.E. Lab (Peter D. Dragic)
  10. Fang Group (Kejie Fang)
  11. High Speed Integrated Circuits Group (Milton Feng)
  12. Photonic Systems Laboratory (Lynford Goddard)
  13. Illinois Laboratory of Integrated RF Microsystems (Songbin Gong)
  14. Irudayaraj Lab (Joseph Irudayaraj)
  15. Hyunseok Kim Research Group (Hyunseok Kim)
  16. Thin Film and Charged Particle Research Laboratory (Kyekyoon Kim)
  17. Computational and Quantum Nanotechnology (Jean-Pierre Leburton)
  18. The Lee Group (Minjoo Larry Lee)
  19. Smith Lab (Andrew M. Smith)
  20. Nanoengineering in the 2D limit (Arend van der Zande)
  21. Integrated Neuro Technologies (Yurii Vlasov)
  22. BioNano Photonics Lab (Yang Zhao)
  23. 2D Materials & Nano Device Group (Wenjuan Zhu)