Partnership for Future Semiconductor Technologies Workshop brings together researchers, industry, experts

8/15/2023 Lauren Laws

Written by Lauren Laws

Collaboration is key for the continued growth in fields involving generative AI, cloud computing, and big data, all of which require semiconductor chips. This technology is not only changing our world, but is also encouraging researchers, academics, and industry to work together for the benefit of society. The 2023 Partnership for Future Semiconductor Technologies Workshop featured this meeting of the minds. 

Hosted by both the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and the Holonyak Micro & Nanotechnology Lab and held in downtown Chicago on July 13th, roughly 60 people encompassing academia, industry, and government experts attended the workshop to discuss future technologies and create strong networks and partnerships for future collaborative work in semiconductors and microelectronics. Both Grainger College of Engineering Dean Rashid Bashir and HMNTL Director Larry Lee gave welcoming remarks and presented workshop objectives.  

“The Grainger College of Engineering has a rich history in research and innovative technology solutions, including the transistor which has led to where we are today. We are proud to continue that legacy with the future of semiconductor technology,” said Bashir.  

The day-long event included topics such as industry and national laboratory perspectives, university research perspectives, and breakout sessions covering heterogeneous integration, thermal considerations, system-level multiscale and multiphysics modeling, and more. Companies including Intel, 3M, IBM Research, Boeing, Meta Platforms were represented, as well as labs such as Argonne National, Fermi National Accelerator, and Sandia National Laboratories. Academics from Northwestern University, Universities of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Georgia Institute of Technology also presented.  

In light of the CHIPS and Science Act, it's anticipated there will be many new funding opportunities to help meet the challenge of future chip technologies. While the workshop’s conversations were robust, even more important was the groundwork it laid for further multi-institutional collaboration. Today’s leaders are prepared to work together on tomorrow’s problems by staying connected and getting involved 

A white paper of the event is being composed by Director Lee, and will involve participants from the workshop. Further discussions for future teamwork in semiconductor technology research are underway.  

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This story was published August 15, 2023.