Weiss awarded STEM Student of the Year by AOC

8/4/2022 10:02:43 AM Kim Gudeman

Samuel Weiss has been selected as a STEM Student of the Year by the Association of Old Crows (AOC), an international nonprofit professional organization specializing in electronic warfare, tactical information operations, and associated disciplines. The $12,500 award is given to one male and one female student studying an engineering-related field and is interested in the aerospace and defense industry.

“This is a big and worthy recognition of Samuel’s classroom and lab research work, and his potential for future contributions,” said Can Bayram, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and a faculty member in the Holonyak Micro & Nanotechnology Lab.

According to the AOC,  “…Samuel extended his classroom studies as a researcher in the University of Illinois Innovative Semiconductor Lab (ICORLAB) under the direction of Prof. Can Bayram. Samuel’s research into diamond-based semiconductors led him to perform work at Argonne National Lab’s Center for Nanoscale Materials (ANL CNM) to fabricate and test various crystalline chips. The research program was funded through the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and has applications to many high power/efficiency systems such as satellites and power plants.…” 

Weiss said he spent many late nights in the Grainger Engineering Library and early morning at the Armory for Navy ROTC during his work, and is thankful to those that supported him.  

“I am truly honored to be selected as the Association of Old Crow’s STEM Student of the Year!” said Weiss. “The award is more than financial support; it is an opportunity to connect with the brilliant scientists and engineers of the AOC who aid in the defense of our country. I am extremely grateful for their support.” 

Weiss also credited a number of people including UIUC professor Yu-Chieh; Dr. Ani, Argonne National Laboratory; Drs. Mamaril and Takehara (Samuel’s ONR ALERT Principal Investigators) for all their help in his research and pursuits. 

For more information about the award, click here.