Kulicke & Soffa 4524AD Ball Bonder


The Model 4524AD Multi-Process Auto Stepback Ball Bonder for gold wire is ideal for Research & Development and small production lots where unique processes are used. Single point TAB, ball bumping, and coining, together with standard ball bonding, offer process flexibility and versatile capabilities. Semi-auto manual and automatic operation modes, individual bond parameter control and a wide range of wire diameters make it ideal for a variety of applications. The new digital option enables programming of unique bonding schedules. Up to 200 different bonding programs may be stored in the memory. The built-in programmable Negative Electronic Flame-Off (N.E.F.O.) system provides consistency and fine control of ball size. Our system is using 1.3mil(33.02um) gold wire and typical bonding temperature is set at 130C, but the stage temperature controller can go up to 250C.

Request Training (need to provide your own cap, you should purchase UTS-38JH-AZM-1/16-16MM from Small Precision Tools)
For more information contact Edmond Chow (echow@illinois.edu)