Renishaw Raman/PL Micro-Spectroscopy System


Renishaw mircoPL /Raman microscope is now installed in our characterization lab. It is equipped with three lasers with pumping wavelength at 325nm(for PL measurement only), 633nm and 785nm (for both PL and Raman measurement). Rayleigh line rejection filters for 633nm and 785nm excitation allow ripple-free measurement of the Raman spectrum to better than 100cm^-1 shift. Polarization control is available for 325nm and 633nm excitation. Leica DM2500M microscope is equipped with objectives from 5X to 100X magnification, allowing confocal Raman spectral measurements with better than 2.5um depth resolution (using 100X objective). UV coated Deep Depletion CCD array detector (578x400 pixels) allows wavelength detection from 200nm-1050nm. InGaAs point detector is also available for near-IR wavelength detection. Motorized XYZ microscope stage with step size of 100nm allows high spatial resolution mapping capability of PL or Raman spectrum. Liquid nitrogen sample cell is available for spectral measurement from 77K to 420deg C (max sample height~4mm and dia~22mm). For even lower temperature measurement, liquid Helium cryostat is also available for spectral measurement from 3.2K to 225deg C (max sample height~5mm and dia~22mm)